Zimrii Secures Seed Funding to Accelerate BlockChain Development

By February 8, 2017December 10th, 2017News
Blockchain seed funding

Even though we are passionate and fully believe in our idea and the benefits of the Zimrii Blockchain enabled Platform, getting other people to also believe and support you can be a difficult proposition to overcome.

That’s why we are excited that we have achieved a small milestone in raising seed funding which will allow our development team to continue their work and accelerate towards the release of the beta version of the platform

This financial support provides further validation in our belief that BlockChain technology provides a disruptive mechanism in tilting the current music value chain in favour of artists and musicians.

There are many areas of the music industry business model that need a fresh approach to ease the burden on both record labels and artists. We have written about these in a previous post

We look forward to working with our investors to deliver on the promise of BlockChain enabled music platform.

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