An Innovative BlockChain Music Platform 

An Innovative BlockChain Music Platform and Artist Token Exchange connecting passionate music artists and fans

A New Music Economy

Artists are getting left behind in the Music Industry with the big players reducing the music value chain for artists. A new music economy is needed to enable artists to realise more value from the music they create

The Zimrii platform empowers musicians to develop and sustain their careers on their terms while providing innovative mechanisms to grow their global brand

Music Contracts

Easily setup music contracts which efficiently distributes royalties to you, your band and your fellow music collaborators, in real time

Artist Tokens

Create your own artist token with an innovative mechanism for fans to invest in you to drive fan loyalty, enabling a unique relationship with your fans

Artist Token Exchange

The Zimrii artist token exchange allows your token to create liquidity by allowing other global music lovers to support you by buying your token made visible on the exchange

Smart Music Contracts

Reward your collaborators, and music network every time your music is sold. In real time

Your Music

Sell your music, albums, tracks to a global fanbase

Copyright Record

Permanent record of your copyright on the Blockchain

Artist Token and Exchange

Generate fan loyalty with your own Artists token and exchange

Music Blockchain

Our use of Blockchain technology enables us to resolve some of the major pain points that artists suffer from including the correct attribution of royalties back to the artist, whenever and wherever an artist's music is played


The decentralized nature of Blockchain enables new and efficient direct to fan music engagement to flourish, creating network effects to distribute the potential of your music, resulting in increased fan loyalty and awareness


Information stored on the Blockchain is secure and trusted

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