Top 4 music documentaries you can watch today

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We all love a music documentary here at Zimrii. The best ones allow you to feel so much closer to the artist they’re about and their music. Seeing the behind the scenes of how some of our favourite albums were made, or classic tours played out, is such a thrill for fans. Luckily, there are many music documentaries out there that give this insight and experience of the world behind the music.

1. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

You might have been around at the time and remember Beatlemania, you might not have been – either way, it’s something you need to see. Eight Days a Week does a great job of capturing the manic frenzy that followed the Fab Four all around the USA.

The Beatles at their peak achieved a level of fervent adoration unseen since. Their popularity changed the face of popular music forever. This film takes you as close to experiencing the raw passion of Beatlemania is it’s possible to get today.

Music documentaries - life of the artists

2. Oasis: Supersonic

From the makers of Amy (more on that in a minute) and Senna, Supersonic is the definitive Oasis documentary. It’s about so much more than the band though. This film beautifully explores the Britpop phenomenon itself, and how ‘Cool Britannia’ swept the UK, and much of the world, in the 90s.

Of course, there’s so much for die hard Oasis fans to get into as well. Not least, the thoughts and recollections of both Noel and Liam Gallagher. Both cooperated with the making of the film but made no contact with each other. Any Oasis reunion seems a long, long way off. Still, we’ll always have Knebworth.

3. Amy

Amy Winehouse is certainly one of the most interesting musicians of the 21st Century. Her rollercoaster life, cut tragically short, makes for an emotive and compelling documentary. She deserved a film made about her befitting her talent, and in Amy that was delivered. A beautiful film about an incredible artist.

Amy truly was a deserved winner of the Academy Award for ‘best documentary feature’ in 2015.

4. Searching for Sugar Man

One of the most unique and innovative music documentaries on this list; Searching for Sugar Man documents two fans’ quest to discover what became of their hero. The idol in question, Sixto Rodriguez, you may never have heard of. This is not a film about the making of a superstar, it is a testament to the power of music and the love we have for those who create art that touches our hearts.

The story told in Searching for Sugar Man is profoundly strange. Sixto Rodriguez’s music never really took off in the USA but became very popular in South America – where very little was known about Rodriguez himself. In fact, he was widely believed to be dead. The documentary crew behind this film went on a journey to find out what truly became of Rodriguez.

These music documentaries, above all else, are simply great examples of the intense and complicated relationship people have with music. It is something few of us could even contemplate being without. These music documentaries are also great stories of triumph of over adversity and show the importance of never giving up. These films are as empowering and inspiring as the musician’s they focus upon.

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