How is Snapchat changing the music industry?

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Snapchat music

Ever since the evolution of social media, the way music is promoted and distributed has changed significantly. Snapchat is one of these modern marvels which is fast becoming one of the most used social media platforms out there. A staggering 2.5 billion snaps are taken on average every day. The short 10 second videos are great methods of promoting yourself, especially if you’re an artist, and are subsequently changing the way the music industry works.

Snapchat music

Gain Audiences

There are many perks to using Snapchat as a way of promoting and distributing music. For starters it is a great way to appeal to current as well as reach new audiences. Snapchat can be used to promote a snapshot of new music and gain hype over a particular song before the album has officially been released.

A great example of musicians using Snapchat, and its filters, to gain and reach out to audiences and their fans; when global star Ed Sheeran reached out to his fans with the first 30 seconds of his new track. Fans could add a filter while listening to the first 30 seconds, not only did this engage his audience but also heightened the hype for his new album. This example perfectly represents how Snapchat is fast becoming a powerful way to promote music for the industry. What’s more, Snapchat can also be used to promote merchandise, which yet again aids in promoting an artist as well as changing how the music industry works.


Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat plays a 10 second video before it disappears. This can cause concern for copyright infringement as the content is only visible for a limited time. The fact that the very way Snapchat works avoids a big issue which affects other social media platforms all adds to the ease of use of the app. So, it is clear to see the appeal for the music industry and artists.


While other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are in the midst of heated debates over more rights, Snapchat has managed to maintain good reputations with the music industry, with artists and labels. In order to maintain its current position at the top, Snapchat is creating other ways of discovery and sharing of music.

Snapchat seems to have almost endless possibilities with technology, and what seems an ever-increasing user base. The relationship between Snapchat and artists is growing stronger, namely because of all benefits. It seems that the music industry and Snapchat are intertwined together. This popular app has become a big marketing tool and massive opportunity for the music industry to reach out and if Snapchat continues down this trend, there is no reason why it won’t become the best music platform out there.

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