A Music Platform for

Today’s Innovative Artists

Today's modern music artists need a platform that recognizes the changing landscape of music that puts the artist first

Our platform utilizes Blockchain Technology to provide an innovative, easy to use digital music platform which equips independent and emerging artists with the tools to drive their music career forward on the global stage

Create Your Unique Artist Token

Using the Zimrii MyToken system, easily and efficiently create your own artists token, determining how much funds you wish to raise from your fans. Use your token to drive increasing fan loyalty and generate new fans to your music by offering a unique instrument that fans can use as a collectable


Upload your music and make it available for stream to a global fanbase of music lovers. Through the use of Blockchain Technology, receive copyright royalties In minutes, not months

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Establish engaging rewards for your fans to create a unique proposition for the creation of your artist token as well as to generate ongoing fan loyalty to your music


The Zimrii artist exchange creates a great mechanism to drive liquidity and interest in your Artist Token. By keeping our fans engaged, the exchange provides the opportunity for fans to purchase your tokens increasing the price on the exchange. It also enables new fans to discover your token increasing awareness of your artist brand