Music Royalty Collection Company Woes

By November 22, 2016December 10th, 2017Artists

Of the many issues with the current music industry model, one that rings true to many artists is that of the administration of royalties and the receiving of payments. If your global artist, then this problem is compounded

Many artists who are just breaking through in their respective genres are dealing with this burden by themselves or they outsource it to an admin person to assist.  Coupled with the pressures in writing and recording music to generate greater ‘buzz’ and develop a career, leaves many artist not able to maximize their time to keep on top of the royalties that are due to them

Many artists also pay for a Royalty collection service to look after the administering of royalties. In some cases they pay a hefty fee for this privilege without having the certainty that these services will deliver what they promise. Also fans don’t realize that how little control you have over what your royalty collection company does in your name. To them, you’re the greedy one, and that’s not an impression you want to foster with your fans

A better system is to allow artists to have complete autonomy over this process and to make it as smooth and painless as possible. Artists need a system which allows them to control the amount of royalties which they are due and to receive them immediately to reap the benefits

That’s we firmly believe as we look to develop a platform which is intuitive to the needs of today’s independent music artists in a digital music business model, so artists can fully develop their careers


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