A Platform Built For Music Artists

The Zimrii platform is a simple, easy to use but powerful music platform which allows you to realise more value from your music, by enabling you to drive closer relationships with your fans.

Zimrii provides the tools to easily establish your own music fan club thereby creating a community of passionate fans.

You can easily update your fans with news and other messages and drive alternative revenue streams through your music artist token

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Realise More Value in Your Music

Today’s music artists need an easy to use platform to run their music business. Zimrii provides a platform promote your artist brand to a global audience and provides an easy mechanism to use innovative approaches such as NFT’s and digital collectibles to drive your fan engagement

Creating your own artist token is a unique and innovative way to raise funds for touring, production and marketing, attracting new fans in the process

A Powerful Set of Features

Designed to put you in control of your music brand and fan engagement
Develop Alternative Revenue Streams

Efficiently raise revenue through new business models that allow you to reach new fans and supporters globally

Fan Engagement

Creation of an innovative mechanism to create lasting relationships with fans through the establishment of your music artist token

Artist Token Exchange

An exchange enabling your token to be traded, creating a unique and ongoing music relationship with existing and new fans

Zimrii is a music platform and exchange that empowers artists to derive more benefit from the music they create.