Making Live Music Performance Booking a Breeze

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The modern artist has to maximize revenue streams from many different sources. In most cases, these come from the sales of music, but increasingly and maybe even more importantly, revenue is coming from live music performances and helping to sustain a music career even further.

As an independent artist looking to increase presence and a following, it can be overwhelming to concentrate on developing a quality music offering on a consistent basis and then look to search venues, liaise and negotiate with venue bookers, review contracts, organise logistics, as well as develop a killer performance to wow your audience.

We believe that there are better ways to manage this process, create better relationships for both artists and venue owners/bookers by improving the efficiency of the process through the mechanics and elements of the BlockChain

Evidence of Contract

Contracts govern the nature of the relationships between 2 parties. This is even more important when you have a situation where the parties are unknown to each other and trust has to be established.

By using the ability of the BlockChain to provide clear visibility of the nature and details of the contract (or only reveal the elements which are not confidential), across the BlockChain, it leaves little room for ambiguity on the terms agreed between the parties as these are visible by all


An Efficient Process

Currently the process of searching for the right artist, the booking process, the payment process can be time-consuming, inefficient, and slow with the use of paper contracts. The use of the mechanics of the BlockChain can enable a much smoother, friction free process between the artist and the venue booker, through the use of automated contracts and approvals between the 2 parties leading to a quicker turnaround process and clarity in the transaction


Venue Owners and Artists Together

As the result of the improvements in contract visibility and automation, all leads to a positive experience for both the artist and the venue owner with the artists able to concentrate more on their performer and music and the venue owner getting a consistent supply of artists to drive customers to their venue

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