Zimrii Music Platform

A Platform for today’s Independent Music Artists

You’ve spent countless hours on your music. Creating, collaborating and generating buzz 

Isn’t it time there was a better way that the music industry recognised your talents?

The music business has become complex and concentrated in the hands of a few large companies

Music terms are dictated to artists and the sustainability of a career in music is being eroded away
The Zimrii Platform seeks to turn the music industry in favour of the artists and their collaboraters

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Smart Contracts

The way the current music industry is setup makes it very hard to reward those who you collaborate with in your music creation
With the Zimrii Platform, this is now easy to do with Smart Contracts. These clever automated contracts allow you to determine who you would like to compensated for collaborating with you and how much
Each time your music is sold, they get paid. In real-time. Easy and simple

Fan Engagement

Capturing and keeping the attention of fans, even your most loyal one is a tough gig these days
What if you could issue incentives to your fans to promote your music?
With the Zimrii Platform you can issue incentives which have a monetary value attached them. The more your fans promote you, the more the value of their incentives goes up


If you run a music publishing company, dealing with the numerous global copyright bodies for your stable of artists can be an administrative burden
The Zimrii Platform provides a convenient platform to

  • Record your artist’s songwriting copyright on the BlockChain
  • Set the terms of the mechanical copyright
  • Collect royalty payments in minutes, not months or years

Global Royalties Collection

The Zimrii Music Platform provides a unique mechanism of you to set the copyright terms for the use of your music assets and receive payment direct to the platform wherever in the world your music is sold.
Receive in minutes, not months


Our platform is designed to keep your information and music assets completely secure. Built to government and military grade 256 encryption protocols which ensure complete ease peace of mind when it comes to your information and data

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