7 Industries that Will be Disrupted by Blockchain Technology

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BlockChain promises to disrupt a number of significant industries over the coming years and here we thought we would explore those industries in further detail.

The Zimrii platform is focused on delivering a number of significant benefits for musicians, artists and creators in the music industry, but equaling promising are the benefits of BlockChain being applied to:


Plagiarism and fraud haunt academia, as more often than not it’s easier to take shortcuts than to do the whole thing. Once again, blockchain technology can prevent people from saying they did something they did not, whether we’re talking about a simple assignment, or a whole degree.

There are cases where top ranking politicians have claimed to have a degree they never really got, and a blockchain where everything is transparent will stop them, and others, from doing so. It would also help save time and money in manual checks.


The use a blockchain for voter registration and electronic vote counting can mean democratic elections will always be as safe and fair as possible. By authenticating voters’ identities, keeping track of votes and keeping everything available for the public, while allowing people to verify no votes were altered, this type of technology could create a remarkably reliable online voting system.


Cybercriminals have been known to specifically target hospitals and other healthcare facilities with ransomware. Because these are healthcare facilities, they must pay the ransom in order to access patient data and keep on saving lives. Their data is extremely valuable, but their tech infrastructure often lacks sturdiness.

Blockchain technology won’t just keep cybercriminals away. It will also improve data accessibility and protection., By creating a type of library, it will help healthcare professionals deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can benefit hugely from integrating blockchain into their business. There are hundreds of files and records that need to be kept, and due to human error many are lost. However, by storing their data on the immutable, decentralized, and secure ledger all necessary data can be kept safe. Furthermore, peer to peer auto insurance may become a possibility in the coming years.

The way it would work, is a pool of policyholders would pay premiums on the same policy. As the shared policy ages and gains reputation, outside investors have the option of investing in that particular pool. This way generating both profit for themselves and lowering the policyholders’ premiums.

This is a small sample of the various industries where BlockChain can revolutionise the way those industries and the processes in-between them

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