5 Unusual Australian Festivals to Check Out

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Australia has loads of amazing festivals which millions attend every year. You’ve heard about the big ones though. We’re here to tell you about the ones you might not have heard of, and even if you have, to encourage you to go because they’re doing something a little different.


Jazz and Jumpers

Alliteration is always how I decide what I’m going to theme my festival around (look out for my upcoming disco and donkeys wild-out!) No, seriously though, jumpers and jazz is a great city-wide festival in Warwick, Queensland. It’s not your average festival though, at Jazz and Jumpers you’re encouraged to knit and listen to jazz in cosy local cafes and parks. If you’ve had quite enough of festivals where you eat (and drink) purely out of cans for two weeks then this might be one for you to try!



Out On The Weekend

What’s unusual about this festival is that it shouldn’t really be that unusual. But it is. It’s one of the only big festivals catering to Americana, Western and Country. Returning for its third year October this year at the Seaworks by Port Phillip Bay in Williamstown in Melbourne, this festival is one for die hard fans of the genres above, and also those just looking for something you can’t get elsewhere.



Inca Roads

This festival takes intimate and boutique to the next level. Limited to just 650 attendees in 2017 (fewer than most clubs will hold), this festival started by friends is for those who prefer to say hello to their neighbours. It’s not for profit, but ‘for fun.’ Musically it’s pretty much wall-to-wall indie, although varies from hazier hippy-rock to the punkier edges.


Pigsty In July

Even though this festival is taking a year off in 2017, it still makes the list for because it shows off another way to make a festival unusual. The dress code. With this festival though, think less of dressing for dinner, and more dressing for The Rocky Horror Show. It’s vintage but wild. Simply wear some form of suit you’ve worn before, or time-hop and wear something from a previous decade. Go in 2018!





Not only is Bluesfest a great festival in its own right – again, offering a somewhat alternative musical sample from what you might get at other mainstream festivals – but it now also includes Boomerang Festival. Boomerang is an amazing, interesting, and much needed festival celebrating the Indigenous community, and their culture including art, music and theatre showcased through events such as panels, workshops and live performances.





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