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music venues

The simple fact is that a venue can make or break any gig. This is true for so many reasons too. Poor acoustics, atmosphere or sightlines, alongside extortionate pint prices and toilets from Hell can all ruin a gig. Our favourite music venues however are able to transcend the artists performing in them to become magisterial, beloved spaces with a special place in our hearts. Great venues are the place to create great memories and have been the scene of iconic moments and performances. These venues are both monumentally cool and culturally vital, and this our tribute to them.

music venues

1. The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

The Greek Theatre is probably the most famous and recognisable outdoor music venue in America. With a capacity of roughly 6,000, and a history spanning less than 90 years, it isn’t the most obvious choice for this title. Yet, The Greek Theatre is beloved beyond borders. This is partially down to the names that have performed there: Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John to name but a few.

The design of the venue was inspired by Ancient Greek temples, hence its name. Many refurbishments over the years have also ensured that The Greek isn’t left behind and is still capable of putting on a real show. Therefore, The Greek Theatre remains one of our favourite music venues, perfect for the summer concert season.

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2. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

One of the most iconic buildings in the world, inside the Sydney Opera House you’ll discover another of our favourite music venues. The Opera House was built to establish Sydney, and Australia by extension, as a cultural leader. As such, The House has played host to some of the world’s most significant and talented artists since its opening in 1973.

The Sydney Opera House in fact is a collection of multiple performance spaces, under a single, distinctive roof. The two principle arenas within are the Concert Hall and Joan Sutherland Theatre. Throughout each year, in its numerous performances spaces, Sydney Opera House presents music, and musicians, of all kinds.

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3. Michael’s Cave, Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar

St. Michael’s Cave is a deep, tangled network of limestone caves, gouged into the land of Gibraltar. In the belly of this subterranean web is the largest chamber of them all, the Cathedral Cave. Cathedral Cave nowadays serves as an auditorium and is absolutely one of our favourite music venues. Because, you know, it’s a cave. Whether that makes it an indoor or outdoor venue we’ll leave up to you.

Music of all genres is performed here, as well as other theatre pieces and the annual Gibraltar beauty pageant. St. Michael’s Cave also hosts the yearly Gibraltar World Music Festival.

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4. The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK

The Cavern Club is, quite simply, legendary. Between 1961 and 1963 The Beatles performed there, in their hometown, 292 times. By the time of their final performance there, ‘She Loves You’ had just been released and ‘Beatlemania’ was about to sweep the nation, and the world. Since then The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen and The Kinks, naming but a few, have rocked The Cavern Club.

Now, The Cavern Club hosts 40 musical acts every week and is as popular as ever. It has also become a hotspot for ‘secret gigs’, with the likes of Oasis, Jake Bugg and The Arctic Monkeys all having performed underground or impromptu sets.

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5. Sultan’s Pool, Jerusalem, Israel

On a side of Mount Zion, by the historic city of Jerusalem, is the Sultan’s Pool, an ancient water basin. It is thought to date back to the times of King Herod. Nowadays, in summer whilst the basin is dry, Sultan’s Pool becomes one of the most unique venues in the world. The likes of Bob Dylan, Madonna, Tom Petty and Leonard Cohen have performed in the Pool.

This truly is one of our favourite music venues and the epic historical context and dramatic visual majesty of it are good reasons for that. Seeing a great performance in the Sultan’s Pool is an experience not to be missed.

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What’s so special about your favourite music venues can be a very personal thing. There’s no problem at all with your favourite performance space in the world being the pub at the end of your road. It can be because you have very special memories of that place. Or, your favourite venue could be a world known arena such as Madison Square Gardens. The reason you love it can be the same though. All that matters is that you appreciate the power that music venues have, and their importance in our cultural landscape.

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