4 Key benefits of singing lessons

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A culturally universal talent such as singing, ultimately enriches our lives, however, if not correctly maintained it can lead to a damaged voice. Unfortunately, there is a common opinion among artists that if you sing well there is no need to have lessons, believing that a natural ability is all you need. However, singing lessons help to maintain your voice and are very important for many artists.

  1. Vocal Health

This is the most important benefit of singing lessons, especially if you are an artist who sings frequently and gigs quite a bit, as singing can put quite a bit of strain on what is already a delicate instrument to begin with! Unfortunately, it can be very easy for a singer to damage their voice and sometimes this can be permanent. Having regular lessons with a good teacher can help your vocal health in many ways. A decent teacher will be able to detect when you are straining your voice or be able to pick up on any unhealthy habits (which, let’s face it, are super easy to fall into) and most importantly be able guide you in what you should do to break these. In addition to this, they will be able to show you exercises which you can do, as often as you want, in order to improve your vocal health.

  1. Breath Control

Breath control is important in keeping your voice strong, clear and helps to maintain its general health, which naturally is important to any artist. It is possible as a singer to draw in too much breath, which builds up pressure in the lungs and when you open your mouth to sing because of that pressure, you can end up with an extremely breathy sound. This can disrupt the coming together of the vocal folds which over time can damage them. On the other hand, taking in too little breath when singing means that you will not have enough air to finish; in a vain attempt to find air your chest tightens and this can result in a constricting vocal sound. Knowing how much breath you need for a particular sound is imperative and this is all taught by a vocal coach in singing lessons.

  1. Confidence Builder

In addition to helping your voices health, singing lessons improve your confidence and this can be particularly useful for artists who suffer from stage fright. Not only do lessons help you work on your posture and ultimately your air of confidence whilst performing but also with your technique. Lessons help you to build your confidence and love for your own unique sound.

  1. Singing Progression

Singing lessons have many benefits and any artist who wants to progress shouldn’t rely on natural talent alone. Learning how to use this instrument to its full potential and safely, will help you to have a lifetime of enjoyment of singing. Not only can a vocal coach improve your confidence and natural progression but also help with your well-being. When we want to learn how to play the piano, guitar or any other instrument, we have lessons and this is just as important when it comes to your voice.

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