4 Gift ideas for musicians & music lovers

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Christmas present with headphones

Christmas is a time for giving, in every sense of the word, though this isn’t without its drawbacks; of which we do mean the seasonal struggle that comes with gift giving. What do you get for the musicians and music lovers in your life? Especially if said person is difficult to buy for? If you are facing this seasonal struggle, we’ve composed the perfect gift list for musicians and music lovers alike.

Christmas present with headphones

1. Music gift cards

Why not opt out of the potential embarrassment of a disliked gift by settling on a music gift card? Choose between an Apple iTunes or Spotify gift card and let the music enthusiasts listen to what they want. Easy to purchase and certainly one of the more practical gifts out there. While gift cards have earned a bad reputation as a gift without much thought, this simply isn’t the case. Any music aficionado is bound to love listening to the music that they particularly love. They can even discover those guilty pleasures, and all because of you.

2. Recording software

For those musicians out there, whether just starting out or experienced, both have something in common: the need to create. And, why not buy them a gift this Christmas which helps them do just that? For starters, if they have an Apple Mac to hand why not get them Logic Pro X, a much more advanced version of the original Logic software. This particular programme helps musicians create, edit and distribute their work. With so many advanced tools integrated into it, it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving – learn more about it here. Want to give them a gift which will keep their finger on the musical pulse? Why not try a subscription to Slate Digital, home to a vast array of music-related plugins? For more information, or to explore what’s on offer, check out their website here. With so many potential routes with this, it may be important to ask if there is anything in particular they’re looking for – they’re the expert after all.

3. The novelties

Any music lover is sure to love the odd music-related novelty gift, and where better to look for something to catch your musically inclined eye than websites such as Etsy or notonthehighstreet. Where by simply typing in ‘gifts for musicians’ will pull up an odd variety of uniquely made pieces that are sure to entertain and delight any music connoisseur. You could choose between music related art, jewellery or clothing. Hone down your choices by whittling away what the person you’re buying for likes. Ask yourself what kind of music they’re partial to, maybe you know what’s been on their wish list for a while. The internet is your metaphorical musical oyster, and those novelty purchases can show those nearest and dearest just how much you know about them. Visit the Etsy page here and the notonthehighstreet page here.

4. Festivals, gigs and shows

What could be better than listening to your favourite band/artist at home? Well, seeing them perform live might just do it. Buying tickets to these performances instantly hurtles you out of the average gift-buying section and into the hall of everlasting gift fame. There are lots of websites out there, such as Ticketmaster for instance, which detail all of the potential music listings available. This Christmas, why don’t you give the opportunity for those music lovers in your life to experience their favourites artists in a completely different musical atmosphere.

Music is quite often the soundtrack to our lives, and for some, such as musicians, it plays a more dominant role. Christmas time means we can buy into people’s personalities – so, whatever you give this Christmas be sure to give the gift of music.

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